The Resolutions of a Family

Upon the New Year you hear a lot about what people will resolve to do for the coming year. Sometimes people adhere to it, while other times these resolutions get forgotten. People mostly focus on individual resolutions, but what about family resolutions? Making family resolutions for the coming year can be a great start to 2013. Take the time to sit down with your family before the New Year and brainstorm some ideas of what you all can do to become closer as a family. Take every idea into consideration, make a list, and decide as a family which family resolutions are realistic, achievable, and desirable for most or all family members.  Make sure that these family resolutions are kept and don’t fall by the wayside; these family resolutions are meant to bring your family closer together, and not achieving them could get in the way of your family bonding time. Let’s take a look at some ideas to get you started:

  • Have regular family meals – This is a great time to catch up with what is going on with everyone in the family. Spend time asking questions and talking about your life and what you have been up to.
  • Make time to make each child feel special (for parents) – Depending on time and how many children are in the family, take the time to make each one feel special by spending a day with one child and doing something they enjoy.
  • Family weekend mini vacations – whether at home or away, try and spend a weekend together as a family; play board games, make some crafts, go volunteer locally, go camping; whatever your family decides to do, do it for a weekend day, or for the whole weekend. The purpose is to spend time with each other.
  • Schedule weekly family meetings – ensure that resolutions are being kept or discuss any changes that need to be made by scheduling additional family meetings. This helps to keep channels of communication open for each family member.

Resolutions you can do as a family are the best resolutions. Whether its family hikes, family outings to a park or museum, or just staying at home playing Pictionary, these activities will be enjoyable because you are doing them as a family.  Take the time now and get started!


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